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My May ADHD Book Review

I am trying to read every month one book that relates to the ADHD world in this month’s I had the pleasure of reading "Dirty Laundry: Why Adults ADHD are So Ashamed and What We Can Do to Help" written by Richard Pink and Roxanne Emery and I must say it is an exceptional resource for anyone looking to gain a better understanding of ADHD.

What makes this book truly unique is that it is co-authored by two individuals, one with ADHD and their spouse without ADHD. This dual perspective provides a balanced view of how ADHD impacts individuals and their relationships, making it relatable for people in different situations. The book does read as a love story which is another positive twist.

One of the things I appreciated about this book is how concise it is. Despite its brevity, it's jam-packed with practical tips and strategies for managing ADHD symptoms and improving daily life. The authors don't get bogged down in unnecessary details, making it an easy read for anyone looking to get straight to the point.

Another positive aspect of the book is how it emphasizes the importance of seeking help. The authors encourage readers to seek out therapy. I do wish the book had included coaching in addition to therapy, as it can be an excellent option for those with ADHD, but overall, it's great that the book recognizes that seeking help is extremely important for coping with ADHD symptoms.

On the negative side, one thing that I felt was missing from the book was a clear warning that it is not a diagnostic tool. While the authors do mention this in passing, I think it's essential to emphasize that this book is not a substitute for a professional diagnosis.

Lastly, I appreciate that the book acknowledges the shame that many adults with ADHD feel and encourages them to seek help despite their reluctance. The authors make it clear that seeking help is not a sign of weakness but rather a courageous step towards a better life.

Overall, I highly recommend "Dirty Laundry" to anyone looking to learn more about ADHD and ways to manage symptoms. The book's dual perspective, practical tips, and emphasis on seeking help make it an invaluable resource for anyone impacted by ADHD.

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