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Focus on ADHD Books – Book Club

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

I love reading and I always have a pile of books next to my bed. My favorite fiction books are mystery novels and historical fiction. I also love reading professional books, books about attention, learning, coaching, parenting and education. I have purchased many books, new books, used books, Kindle and audiobooks. Several of these books have not been opened, others received my short attention span and some have been read cover to cover. Reading is an essential component of knowledge building and development.

My goal is to read more professional books!

Many times, I recommend to my clients to have an accountability partner - a partner that can keep you on track and improve your chances of accomplishing your goal. Why only have one partner when you can have a group? I decided to start a book club “Focus on ADHD Books”. I’m sure you could guess this book club will focus on books relating to attention disorders. We will meet once a month virtually so you can join me from anywhere in the world to discuss an ADHD-related book. This group is for anyone with ADHD in their lives – professionals, parents, educators and individuals with ADHD.

Book clubs are a uniquely effective way to enhance the benefits of reading and come with a number of additional benefits.

Reasons to join a book club

  • It forces you to actually read ...

  • You interact with different people.

  • It gives you a different perspective.

  • It broadens your horizons.

  • You get a much deeper understanding of the book.

To join the club press the Join button and it will bring you to the website - the platform I chose to assist with managing the club. The group will meet once a month on zoom. The upcoming book will be “Taking Charge of Adult ADHD, Second Edition: Proven Strategies to Succeed at Work, at Home, and in Relationships Second Edition by Russell A. Barkley”.

After joining the club, find the book or audiobook, read the book and join the Zoom meeting where we will discuss it. I promise there will be no test and the discussion will be ADHD friendly! Get the book and read the chapters that you find interesting and then come to the book club meeting were you can hear from other people more about the book.

I would love to see you at the book club!

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