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Gifts That Speak to the Heart and Mind: Valentine's Ideas for Your Partner with ADHD

Updated: Feb 7

ADHD gifts and love

I know Valentine’s Day is around the corner because I notice the red heart shape chocolates in the candy aisle at my local grocery store. If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift that is not chocolates for your loved one that has attention disorder, here are several ideas.

Books about ADHD and relationships

Reading about ADHD and specifically about its effects on relationships can be a great gift! There are lots of books out there and I strongly recommend picking one up and learning more about ADHD. Many times, this knowledge can lead to honest conversations about ADHD and its effects on your everyday life.

One off my favorite books on this topic is “Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.? Stopping the Roller Coaster When Someone You Love Has Attention Deficit Disorder by Gina Pera. If your husband, wife, partner or roommate have ADHD, this book is a must-read! I strongly encourage both partners in the relationship (with and without the attention challenges) to read this book. The author presents the effects of ADHD on relationships in a realistic and practical light, and it is loaded with many useful tips.

Among my recently discovered favorites are ‘Dirty Laundry: Why Adults with ADHD Are So Ashamed and What We Can Do to Help’ by Richard Pink & Roxanne Emery and ‘How to ADHD? An Insider’s Guide to Working with Your Brain (Not Against It) ’ by Jessica McCabe. ‘Dirty Laundry’ offers a profound exploration of ADHD’s impact on relationships, providing invaluable insights and practical advice for couples. Authored by an individual with ADHD and their neurotypical spouse, this book offers a unique perspective that fosters understanding and empathy. Conversely, ‘How to ADHD?’ is a refreshing and relatable guide authored by someone with ADHD, offering actionable strategies for symptom management. Both books promote open dialogue and mutual understanding, serving as indispensable resources for individuals navigating the complexities of ADHD.

Loop Earplug

Silver and black loop earbuds

The Loop Experience earplugs: designed with ADHD in mind, they keep you engaged while reducing noise. Unlike traditional foam earplugs, Loop’s patented acoustic channel and engineered filter lower volume without cutting you off completely. With up to 18 decibels (SNR) and 7 decibels (NRR) of noise reduction, they help you stay present in social settings or focus amid background noise. Plus, their super soft silicone ear tips ensure comfort for extended wear. Stay connected without missing a beat with Loop Earplugs.

Spinner Ring

Sterling silver ring with a gold band around it with small hearts

A ring that can also serve as a fidget is the most appropriate ADHD Valentine Day gift I can think of. A spinner ring is a super-subtle way to fidget in public. Repetitive motion helps relieve anxiety and as a bonus feature this ring has a choice of different motivational words inscribed on it.

ADHD apparel

You or your partner can wear ADHD apparel with pride. You can find T-shirts, sweatshirts, socks and even jewelry that all provide the opportunity to accessorize with ADHD pride. I’m a big fan of the funny T-shirts such as ADHD easily distracted by pretty much everything Funny T-Shirt or the ADHD is Awesome Cute Funny Squirrel Animal Tote Bag.

Digital gift card

If you are reading this right before Valentine’s Day or if decision-making is is affecting your ability to choose a gift in time then you can always go the route of getting a gift card. If you are purchasing a gift card for someone with ADHD consider the option of a digital gift card. Regular plastic gift cards are never in my wallet when I need them or are misplaced — a digital version can address that. Amazon e-gift card

White Noise Sound Machine

Homedics SoundSleep White Noise Sound Machine, Silver, Small Travel Sound Machine

White noise machines are beneficial for individuals with ADHD as they provide a consistent background sound that helps mask distractions, leading to improved focus and attention. Additionally, the calming effect of white noise can reduce hyperactivity and promote relaxation, aiding in better sleep quality. Having your partner sleep better is always a win! Homedics SoundSleep White Noise Sound Machine is small and you can also use it for traveling.  I use mine while meeting with coaching clients to ensure privacy.

Ask your partner

I would like to remind you and that in addition to all these great ideas you can also ask your partner if there’s anything they would like for Valentine’s Day.

Sometimes that simple question may result in a very surprising answer. You might be planning a complicated date night and gift, while your partner may want to stay home in there pajamas and watch a movie together. If you do choose to ask your partner, remember their answer !! If you have ADHD I strongly recommend writing their response to this question in your phone in a location you can find later!

Wishing you love,


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