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Your ADHD Will Not Take a Summer Break

As the days grow longer and the temperature rises, the allure of summer beckons. The commercials, movies and social media make summer look like it's a season of freedom, relaxation, and adventure, filled with sunny days and exciting possibilities. But if you're living with ADHD, you know that it doesn't take a vacation. The change in routine during the summer months can present unique challenges. However, with a proactive mindset and a little preparation, and a lot of compassion for yourself you can navigate this season with confidence and make the most of the warm months ahead.

Embrace the Power of Planning

Planning is time consuming, requires future thinking which is extremely challenging when your ADHD loves to live in the moment and time does not move in a traditional way. Therefore, planning has to include nontraditional tactics. There is no one method that works for ADHD but rather it’s using any technique and all techniques that you have available for you. The most important component is taking the time to create a plan and putting it in writing/calendar.

Planning can be a superpower when it comes to managing ADHD. With the change in schedule during summer, it becomes even more critical. After scheduling time for planning the next step is creating a visual calendar or using a digital planner to outline your summer months. Highlight important events, commitments, and responsibilities. This visual representation will help you stay organized and ensure you don't miss any crucial deadlines or appointments.

Break down larger tasks or projects into smaller, manageable steps. Set specific goals for each day or week and allocate time blocks for different activities. Remember to include time for self-care and relaxation to avoid burnout.

If you are a parent or a business owner and you are planning needs to take in account many moving parts and people use visual tools such as color coding, time blocking and post-its to manifest calendar that takes an account all necessary components in your summer plans.

At-A-GLANC calendar with 90  day planner, Post-its in five colors with text that represent different activities in different family members.
My summer calendar

The picture above is my family calendar for the months of June, July and August. I used colored post-it’s to represent each family member including the dog. When we travel, I need to make sure the dogs is cared for and have to coordinate his pickups and drop off. We also have guests coming from out of town who received their own color on the schedule. To learn more about the schedule you can read my blog my crazy summer schedule.

Seek Support and Coaching

I am in no way objective but I’m a strong believer that managing ADHD can be challenging, but you don't have to do it alone. Reach out to a professional ADHD coach or therapist who can provide guidance and support tailored to your unique needs. A coach can help you develop strategies to overcome common hurdles associated with summer distractions, such as maintaining focus, managing impulsivity, and staying on track with routines.

A coach can also assist in identifying your strengths and leveraging them to maximize your productivity and enjoyment during the summer months. Remember, seeking support is a sign of strength, not weakness. If you are interested in scheduling an introductory session with me regarding one-on-one coaching complete the following form.

Prepare for Surprises

While planning is essential, it's also important to anticipate the unexpected. Summer is often filled with spontaneous invitations, impromptu trips, and last-minute changes. To prepare for surprises, create a flexible schedule that allows for unexpected events. Leave some free time in your calendar for spontaneity and adaptability.

Additionally, practice mindfulness and embrace the art of letting go. Accept that not everything will go according to plan, and that's okay. Embrace the unexpected as an opportunity for growth and adventure. With a positive mindset and a willingness to adapt, you can navigate surprises with grace and resilience.

Take Advantage of Summer's Opportunities

Despite the unique challenges that summer may pose for individuals with ADHD, it also presents abundant opportunities for growth and self-discovery. Use this time to engage in activities that align with your passions and interests. Explore new hobbies, participate in outdoor sports, or take up a creative endeavor. Summer offers a wealth of sensory experiences that can stimulate your mind and boost your overall well-being.

While ADHD may not take a summer break, with the right mindset and strategies in place, you can embrace the season with enthusiasm and joy. Plan your summer in advance, seek support from professionals or coaches, and prepare for surprises with flexibility and adaptability. Remember to take advantage of the opportunities that summer presents and engage in activities that align with your passions. So, get ready to welcome the sunny days ahead and embark on an adventure-filled summer journey!

I want to hear from you! Your experiences and insights are invaluable in our community. As we wrap up this blog, we encourage you to actively participate by sharing your summer calendars, adventures, and the ingenious hacks you've used to overcome obstacles during this vibrant season.

Did you come up with a fantastic system for staying organized and focused? Or perhaps you discovered a hidden gem of a destination that others would love to explore? Whatever it may be, your contribution can inspire and empower others facing similar challenges.

So, don't hesitate! Let's make this summer a collaborative experience. Share your triumphs, stories, and the lessons you've learned along the way. Your voice matters, and we can't wait to hear from you!

Happy Summer,


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